Music slots

What Are Online Music Slots?

These are gambling machines made through the inspirations of the lifestyles of music in all selected genres. They run on a video platform that allows you to control the sounds while enabling the machine to play automatically, deposit money for betting, accessing information and seeing all available bonuses. The video games have music accompaniment features that will allow you to involve, drums, trumpets, pianos, tambourine are even a speaker in the process. Summarily online music slots are betting options of online casino where players listen to their music of choice, redefine it, enjoy it while at the same time stake their money on a free basis, deposit basis or bonus basis with the intention of winning or enjoying simultaneously.


Symbols Used in Online Music Slots

Online music slots are unique in their own right in that you will not encounter the familiar gambling icons on the games like pokers, kings or the roulettes spinning wheel, color and numbers. On music slots, you will meet names of music bands, years of release of albums and their names, records labels and, on reiteration, music accompaniments of all manner. These icons will inform you’re the amount to bet and the possible winnings as shown here below.


1.    Guitar Symbol

Guitar symbols are a universal icon in online music slots. If you select this icon, you will play guitar as an accompaniment to the music that you are listening. In the process of doing these, you will stand a chance to win a bonus feature if you are playing a wager. The bonus awards are auto determined based on how you play the guitar, which inspires the award of points and subsequent rewards in bonuses.


2.    VIP Tickets Symbol

This icon will usher you select on this icon and select them on three occasions, and redirect you to a feature that will lead you to rock music site. Under this icon, you will be awarded with bonuses based on the harmony between your guitar and the song being played. It is crucial to hit the right notes at the appropriate time to generate a harmonious rhythm.


3.    Record Symbol

This icon just like the VIP Tickets icon has three interfaces; Gold, Platinum, and Golden Platinum. These icons are multipliers of the points awarded by 2, 5 and ten respectively. These multipliers, therefore, feature on winnings.


Music Slots in Online Casino


      1.    Michael Jackson slot

Bally created this music slot for Michael Jackson music enthusiasts. This slot has five reels that determine the outcome of spin upon selecting an icon. You will have to play 20 times to increase your stake as the slot has 20 pay lines. The gaming platform has no initial free spins as at the moment. However, bonuses are awarded based on the pay lines selected, critical points earned through the creation of rhyming harmony and the deposit made. Running on a three-dimension video slot kiss, you will experience the gaming's incredible animations that reincarnate the live and electric performances of Michael Jackson in his days.


The famous tracks in this slot are Beat It, Moonwalk, Wilds and the Smooth Criminal. As the records play in rounds, during which a live clip of the music video is on display, you will get bonuses, multipliers will be issues, and free credits get auto allocated to boost the winnings. Summarily, the symbols determine the outcome of the gaming process, and Pop enthusiasts can listen to their favorite tracks of Michael Jackson and win at the same time.


        2. Elvis the King Lives slot

Williams Interactive Group developed this slot on dedication to Elvis Presley's legendary music in the rock and roll genre. The slot has five reels with sets of rows. You will find this slot to be one of a kind as it has 80 pay lines. The value of staking is one credit for two lines. Additionally, waging is cheaper as the slots can allow a minimum of 40 cents per spin, which is a cent for two pay lines. You will encounter 13 symbols on the slot which explain why the credit awarded is low as the chances of winnings are quite high, and the casino has to hedge against possible losses on their Part-House hedging.


Elvis’ tracks will inspire you to continue waging. The slots have the standard symbol that we have highlighted. These symbols allocate prized and free bonuses when you utilize them; a factor that simplifies this slot gaming and allows you to play free spins and win maximum payouts as you internalize a series of hits that Elvis released such as the Hound Dog.


            3. Megadeth Slot

Leander Games developed this slot for metal music fans. The slot is meant to present the Megadeth band tracks to gamers.  The slot has provisions for snare drums and a guitar. The slot has five reels 40 pay lines and three rows. This slot allows fanatics of Rock Bands to meet with the Megadeth legends; Shawn, Chris, Vick, David, and Dave. Free spins are awarded upon matching bonus symbols on the multi-game and multilevel rounds. Hangar points award ten free points after spinning the mega wheel which features Dave’s logo on the reel. The mega spinner can also lead to the award of an instant win when the mega wheel begets the head crusher bonus.


The head crusher bonus is, however, difficult to spin, as you will have to locate a woman in a group of male prisoners all covered in black bags on their heads. An error in selection minimizes the payout.


This slot has a video feature referred to as the Mega Nudge that you can turn on or off to give you additional moves of the reels for an optimum combination of symbols. Other symbols are the Extended wild and wild symbols which substitute for all symbols except the Vick Bonus symbol.


4. Guns “N” Roses slot

This online slot is developed by Net Entertainment and has a choice of five band songs. This slot has five reels with twenty pay lines and three rows. To get started you select the “List” button to select the tunes to play. On the stage–placed reels, which face the fans, focus your waging. Your action with the reels will excite the spectators who will then rhythmically react and earn you points.


This slot has its roots on symbols that represent the five band members; The five high-value symbols are the band members – Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and two plectrums. 10, J, Q, K and A are the rose-adorned lower values.


The slot has an allotted Bonus Wheel, which is activated when you acquire three of the bonus wheels on the reels. We reiterate that the reels are on the stage and they excite the crowd and earn you points in the following sense:


  • Free Encore Spins – these spins can reward you with ten bonus spins.

  • Crowd Pleaser – this bonus occurs on three levels in which three selection options per level are awarded on reaching a qualifying coin amount proceeding to the next level occurs and free spins are awarded as bonuses.

  • Coin Wins –this is the reward in bonus coins.

Further, the slot has additional legend spins that are randomly activated and a randomly occurring multiplier.


        5. Jimi Hendrix slot

This slot is dedicated to rock hits from Jimi Hendrix- a guitar maestro. Designed by NetEnt, the slot has 20 pay lines, five reels, and three rows. You will be treated to a free slot with a bonus feature on the initial and subsequent use.  The original guitar riffs have transformed the rock online in a big way.


This slot enables the players to experience Jimi while winning through a pick and click feature of spins and bonuses. The game’s slot is based on features like wild substitutions, symbols, red guitar re-spin, coin win, and other spins.


          6. Motorhead slot

This is a video slot on 76 play lines and is inspired by the English Motorhead Rockband.  The setting is live with five reels and symbols. The slot is dedicated to the four favorite songs by the band namely; Ace

Motorhead slot is a 76-line video slot powered by the NetEnt Software group. Set against the live music stage backdrop, you will discern that there are five black reels with colorful symbols that collectively harmonize the music. While playing the slot, rock music fans can enjoy four most popular Motorhead songs: Iron Fist, Ace of Spades, Overkill and Killed by Death.

The money staked ranges from one to ten and is autoregulated on a varying size. Using the Max Bet feature, maximum stakes can be wagered, and the autoplay will permit reel to turn uninterrupted with the generated spins.


Music slots serve the segment of gamblers who are enthusiastic about music. In so doing, the online casino cast their nets wider and bring on fold virtually everybody. The model of developing music slots using legendary tracks for the selected genre is in innovative and well thought.

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